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Absolute Wildlife Removal

Absolute Wildlife Removal is a wildlife and pest removal service locally owned and operated in the Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut area. We specialize in the humane and environmentally safe removals of any wildlife that has become a nuisance to homeowners or commercial establishments.

Upon your request, we will come out to the property and inspect the area of concern. We proceed with the appropriate and most effective technique, whether removal by hand, trapping, or exclusion.

On call for you 24/7

Guard your home against intrusion

With 20 years of experience contributing to our knowledge of animal removal, rest assured we will handle your problem right the first time. There are not many pest situations we have not seen or cannot solve.

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We specialize in whole house bat removal, raccoon extraction, grey/red/flying squirrels, possums, rats, mice, woodchucks, moles, voles, starlings, geese, beavers, snakes, skunks, pigeons and much more.   No domestic animals, please. Absolute Wildlife Removal traps & removes humanely, following state laws. We're a 24/7 business for emergencies.